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About Zander

I'm Zander Townend, and I've lived a bit of a roller-coaster life: from military school, to when I was a down-and-out, depressed and suicidal, living-on-the-street addict... and then to working in the circus, in films, running the counseling department for funeral homes, working as an addictions counselor, and as an acupuncturist (to name just a few of the things I've kept myself busy with).

In 1982, I started my journey of recovery. I took two years to get my first day truly clean. I have been able to claim and maintain a "Clean and Sober date" since June of 1984. That's when I started working on learning how to "Live Clean" - which to me is more than "just not using".

I've always had a passion for helping others. This led me to pursue training in many different techniques and methods (in addition to my "natural nerdiness"). 

I started working as an Alcohol and Addictions counsellor* in 1990. Since then, I added study, practice and teaching  of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine bodywork techniques, Meditation, Medical Qigong Therapy, Personality Type, and Conversational Intelligence.

My mission and purpose is...

... to help anyone seeking freedom from the causes and impacts of addiction, for themselves or family members.

There are many "roads to recovery". While I'm deeply associated and familiar with 12 Step programs, I'm also mindful that they aren't for everyone. Some people need different tools, different techniques, and different perspectives. That's where the full scope of my Recovery Coaching and Training services come into play.

In 2015, I developed and started offering a unique training and coaching program for executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs. I designed it to help people develop and apply their Emotional Intelligence for greater success with business and personal relationships. I've adapted and refined that training and coaching course to the needs of the Recovery Community, especially for those in more advanced Recovery (folks with 1/2 to 1 year +). .. See
THIS PAGE  for more information on "The Fierce Self Advocacy Course".


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